As part of a massive LA fashion event.

MADE, a New York fashion week that explores the intersection between style and music, will launch its first LA edition in June and will feature Tyler, the Creator’s Golf Wang streetwear line as one of its headliners.

Having already been extremely influential in the style world since Odd Future’s breakout – think about how many non-skaters started dressing like him – Tyler will seek a new audience with this “presentation and experience.”

In an interview with Vogue, the rapper-producer-director said: “I just figured, Why not? Why not do something different? Not everybody in the upper fashion world is wearing all-black Saint Laurent pieces and is super pretentious. I want to show them a different world.”

Tyler’s presentation will take place on June 11, just on the heels of the California presidential primaries on June 6. Perhaps Tyler will present this shirt



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