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Jammer: Against The Clock

BBK’s Murkle Man steps up for this week’s create-a-beat-in-10-mins challenge.

Before Jahmek Power, better known as Jammer, became the BBK lord of the mic we know him as today, he was first a producer, helping lay the blueprint for UK grime with murky beats created in his native East London. It was here we met with Jammer to witness his production talents in action, whipping up a dark, bassy instrumental in our latest episode of Against The Clock.

Sampling Danny Weed’s banger ‘Creeper’, the 10 minute session is a fascinating glimpse into the Murkle Man’s musical mind and process. Watch Jammer’s latest video for ‘Wavy House’ and listen to the finished track below. Be sure to catch him perform at this year’s Born and Bred festival.



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