The album is described as the duo’s love letter to NYC.

Machinedrum and Braille will release a second collaborative album as Sepalcure next month.

Folding Time is the duo’s first LP since 2011’s self-titled debut for Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, and follows a scattering of EPs released alongside their own solo albums for Ninja Tune and Friends of Friends.

According to the label, the 11-track album combines R&B and pop influences alongside the broken beat sound of their earlier material, and includes new songs alongside reworked tracks from the duo’s archives.

As well as using field recordings, guitars and piano, the album, which once again arrives on Hotflush, features original vocals from Rochelle Jordan and regular collaborator Angelica Bess.

Speaking to RA about the album, Braille described the recording process as “like traveling back in time and connecting the dots,” while Machinedrum said that making the album allowed them to “revisit that original thrill we got from making music together purely for fun and as friends.”

The album is also described as “a love letter of sorts” to the duo’s time in NYC, being the last collection of tracks both artists finished before leaving the city.

Folding Time is released on May 20. Until then you can revisit Braille’s recent Against The Clock session for FACT TV.


01. Fight For Us
02. Not Gonna Make It
03. Devil Inside
04. No Honey
05. Been So True
06. Hearts In Danger
07. Loosen Up
08. Dub Of
09. Brother Forest
10. Hurts So Bad
11. Ask Me



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