Now we’ve seen it all.

The soundtrack to sci-fi classic Aliens is getting a limited edition vinyl pressing, and it contains green-coloured liquid intended to look like “xenomorph blood.”

The pressing comes courtesy of Mondo, which is reissuing James Horner’s chilling score to coincide with the world’s first Alien Day on April 26.

Mondo’s blood-filled record follows last year’s more traditional vinyl reissue, but is limited to just 75 copies. Some will be sold from the Mondo online store at 11am CST, and a few will be available from a pop-up at the Alamo Drafthouse on April 26 in Austin, Texas.

Horner, who died in a plane crash last year, received an Academy Award nomination for the iconic score, and later went on to work with director James Cameron on the Titanic soundtrack.

If you’re not lucky enough to get one of these blood-filled copies, Mondo is offering the very small consolation of a vinyl edition of the Prometheus soundtrack, which is released the same day.

Our advice? Get yourself a Facehugger Knit Ski Mask instead.


Mondo’s blood-filled vinyl is just the latest in a long line of irreverent pressings: so many coloured editions have been released there’s an entire website devoted to them. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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