The producer’s high point has only been available on cassette.

Martin Heterich has many releases under the moniker Sand Circles, but none better than the bleary night-drive of Motor City. Originally released on cassette in 2012 by Not Not Fun, the album is making a return with its first ever vinyl release courtesy of Posh Isolation.

It’s not just a first for Motor City, the release actually marks the cassette-focused project’s overall debut on vinyl. To mark the occasion, the label has released an EP featuring new remixes of album tracks by Abdullah Rashim, Yen Towers, Quiltland and 1991. They’re both available now through Posh Isolation’s store.

We’ve had high praise for Motor City since its release and beyond. It originally landed in the top 20 of our favorite albums of 2012 and managed the same placement in our favorite albums of the decade so far.

Revisit the title track’s dusty techno and take a look at the new artwork below.

Sand Circles' hazy opus <i>Motor City</i> comes to vinyl for the first time


01. ‘Entering Motor City’
02. ‘White Sand’
03. ‘Motor City’
04. ‘Downtown Holdup’
05. ‘Innercity Haze’
06. ‘Distant Lights’
07. ‘Endless Nights’
08. ‘Motor City II’
09. ‘Descending Into Space’
10. ‘Summer Echoes’
11. ‘Summer Echoes II’



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