The week’s best mixes: Prince rarities and Egyptian Lover does Kraftwerk

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

Inevitably, all we want to do right now is listen to Prince. If you feel the same, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – but as well as hits and rarities from Minneapolis’ finest, we’ve dug up a slamming techno mix from a rising star, some moody drum & bass, and another tribute mix to a very special vintage act.

We had to find a Prince mix, and while technically this is not a new creation, we were relieved this morning to dig up DJ U-Tern’s 100-minute-long journey through his favourite purple joints, from the big hits to all kinds of alternate versions, unreleased tracks and demos (check the lo-fi cassette bootlegs!). This is the kind of thing Prince would have clamped down on in a second, but while it may go against the dearly departed’s wishes, it’s hitting a spot that no other livestream, playback or radio station takeover has reached so far. Damn, Prince. Thank U 4 a funky time.

Avalon Emerson
Groove Podcast 52

Avalon Emerson has released one of the year’s most crucial techno 12″s in the magnificently thundering The Frontier, and is sowing the seeds of future success by throwing out solid mixes like this one for Groove. The Berlin-based American selects juicy acid, textured techno chuggers and some tracks from her pals, like Bwana’s new topsy-turvy banger for Aus. If you’re feeling in need of a boost you’ll enjoy the motivational intro too.

Egyptian Lover
VF Mix 43 (Kraftwerk tribute)

Electro icon Egyptian Lover owes his career to the music of Kraftwerk after he took inspiration from Computer World in 1981, picked up an 808 and never looked back. His mix for The Vinyl Factory collects his favourite cuts from the German four-piece and puts them together with other acts aligned with their angular, synthetic sound, including Cybotron, Nairobi and Visage. Essential.

DJ Alfredo
Sankeys Dance 88/89 Mix 3

Ibiza selectors don’t come any more storied than DJ Alfredo, the spinner known as “the father of Balearic beat.” This mix for White Isle club Sankeys takes us back to the late ‘80s for an hour of Balearic acid, featuring hits from A Guy Called Gerald, Inner City and even Yazoo together with a vintage hip-house joint from Doug Lazy. If you need a crash course in the classics, this is your first stop.

Felix K
Ilian Tape Podcast Series 020

There are plenty of producers still working in drum and bass, but none sound quite as singular as Berlin’s Felix K. His moody, minimalist rhythms have graced Blackest Ever Black as well as his own Hidden Hawaii label, but his Ilian Tape podcast is an insight into his formative influences, a mix recorded just after the turn of the century featuring Source Direct, 4Hero and plenty of other classics.

Kara-Lis Coverdale
Berlin Community Radio special

This offering from organist Kara-Lis Coverdale is a blend of brain-tickling sound art, where metal machine landscapes, Erased Tapes piano fare and the kind of alien MIDI voices dredged up from the swamps of 0PN territory all dance around the fire. There’s crackly choral deconstructions from Hudson Mohawke, conceptual cleverness from Jesse Osborne Lanthier and lots more to make your grey matter throb with sonic possibilities.



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