Praise Yeezus.

Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ was introduced to a wide audience through Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and has transcended just being a sample – it has dethroned Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Work’ as the #1 song in America.

It is worth noting that while ‘Panda’ has been largely scrutinized for sounding too much like a Future song, Future has never scored a top 10 hit on the regular charts on his own. At SXSW, Desiigner debuted a new track titled ‘Pluto’, a la Future’s debut full-length, and a few weeks ago rumors circulated that Ciara would be featured on a ‘Panda’ remix. If that Photoshop job turns into a reality, then Desiigner is more than just a young kid who is influenced by what’s currently hot – he is a troll of an impressive magnitude.

And the life people on social media are giving it is pleasing Future none. At a concert in upstate New York over the weekend, he expressed his annoyance at an unenthused crowd by saying to them: “Y’all must be Desiigner fans or Ciara fans or something.”

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