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FACT mix 547: Joe Hart

A smoke machine and a feeling.

Joe Hart has been a low-profile hero of London’s club scene for the last six years as one half of nomadic night World Unknown, making the railway arches and sex dungeons of south London throb with decade-spanning acid, EBM, electro, new beat and techno alongside DJ partner Andy Blake. Their devoted following is proof of Kerri Chandler’s maxim that all you need to set it off is a basement, a red light and a feeling – and, in WU’s case, a smoke machine cranked up to 11.

Pre-dating the cult of WU is Bodyhammer, Hart’s ongoing night with DJ Scott Fraser. Last month they played a set for the ages at the final Bloc weekender in Minehead (as documented in our riposte to festival founder George Hull’s massive comedown whinge) and a FACT mix-shaped light bulb went off in our brains.

With World Unknown currently on hiatus (look out for one-off events this summer) we asked Hart to mark the end of an era by pulling out some tried-and-true WU classics. His FACT mix spans Jah Wobble’s dreamy dub, Lowlands techno and classic house from Armando – dress to sweat. The next Bodyhammer is on April 30 in Hackney.


01. Jah Wobble’s Invader’s of the Heart – ‘Visions of You’
02. Nacht und Nebel – ‘Beats of Love’
03. Richard Bone – ‘Mutant Wisdom’
04. Arbeid Adelt – ‘Death Disco’
05. Absolute Body Control – ‘Figures’
06. Paul Haig – ‘The Only Truth’ (US Remix)
07. Front 242 – ‘Don’t Crash’
08. SYT – ‘Pleasure’
09. ????
10. Lhasa – ‘The Attic’
11. Frank De Wulf – ‘Elektrain’
12. Digital Vamp – ‘You Can Take My Body’
13. ????
14. Armando – ‘World Unknown’ (M.D House Mixx)
15. Cartouche – ‘Feel The Groove’ (Underground Mix)



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