A perfect match for modular gear heads.

When we interviewed Axel Willner about The Follower, his latest album as The Field, he discussed his newfound obsession with modular synthesis.

“It’s tricky to recreate… it makes it alive,” he said describing his album’s epic 14-minute closer ‘Reflecting Lights’. Modular synthesist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith described a similar sentiment in our recent documentary in her studio.

That passion the two artists share comes through on Smith’s remix for the modular odyssey Willner found so “alive”. Her glistening version comes with the new digital single release of ‘Reflecting Lights’, alongside another take from London producer Not Waving.

The single is out April 29 via Kompakt. Listen to the remix below and watch Smith’s modular symphony in action after. Meanwhile, catch The Field playing London’s Moth Club on April 30.



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