Yesterday, a Missouri tax proposal was tabled after a successful filibuster from Democratic Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

Her strategy? Chappelle-Nadal spent nearly an hour reading The 50th Law, the 2009 self-help book from author Curtis Jackson, best know as 50 Cent.

The 50th Law is Jackson’s bestselling book co-authored with Robert Greene. It details the rapper’s rise to fame and success while pairing his story with anecdotes and lessons from historical figures including Sun Tzu, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Malcolm X and Napoleon.

The legislation in question was a sales tax proposal that would help fund law enforcement. Chapelle-Nadal said she opposed the funding until the government addresses issues including how law enforcement responded to public protests following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Senator Chapelle-Nadal was among protestors tear-gassed in the police response to the protests.

Later, the House passed a similar bill which will now move on to the Senate. 50 Cent, meanwhile, is preparing to do battle with the Predator. [via AP]



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