Gwyer is joined by Lily, Raven Cru and Dukwa on the mini-compilation.

Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label has announced a split 12″ featuring tracks from Karen Gwyer and three other producers.

‘Mom Did It On The Plane’ marks Gwyer’s Don’t Be Afraid debut, and sounds similarly kaleidoscopic to the techno found on last year’s Nous 12″, Bouloman.

The split release includes tracks from three other producers: the unknown Raven Kru who debuts with a mix of jungle and modular bleeps, Italian producer Dukwa and Lily, who previously appeared on the label with the Memory Jacket 12″ in early 2015.

The four-track release will be available on May 13 – you can listen to the whole thing below.

Gwyer will also be appearing on another split 12″ with Beatrice Dillon, set to be released on Alien Jams in late May.



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