Erik Luebs introduces his genre-hopping second album.

We last heard from Osaka-based producer Erik Luebs when he switched back to his real name to release an album for Project: Mooncircle, a record of blissful, heavily textured electronic landscapes. This July he returns as Magical Mistakes for a new album on The Playground Records titled Peaking in the Pitch Black.

Combining Japanese musical ideas with his own sound, for this album Luebs took inspiration from ambient soundscapes and drone music as well as the torque of industrial techno.

“These tracks were made over a two-month period hopping around between Osaka, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York,” says Luebs. “I’ve never felt at home with a specific genre or scene, which is a curse and a blessing. Perhaps the change in geography is evident in the malleable genres of the tracks themselves. Post-rock, techno, drone, IDM; snippets of what’s influenced me musically throughout my life.”

Opening track ‘Annihilated’ distils those influences into a soaring ride that should appeal to fans of Jon Hopkins’ carefully crafted euphoria – stream it below. Peaking in the Pitch Black is out via The Playground Records on July 1.



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