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The week’s best mixes: Ben UFO, sublime boogie and sci-fi classics

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week, along with a rare upload from one of the world’s biggest DJs, a classic hardcore session and the perfect one-hour warm-up, we’ve found a mix that’s got the Red Dwarf theme in it. Game over. Don’t say we don’t find the best shit for you every week.

Live at Unit, Tokyo, 23 April

A SoundCloud upload from Ben UFO is a rare thing, but when he does share his sets it’s generally something to get excited about. This four-hour set was recorded at Tokyo’s Unit club on April 23, and gives us a chance to hear one of the world’s best DJs slowly raise the energy with tracks from DJ Qu, Bruce, A Made Up Sound and others. If that’s not enough, there’s another four hours of Ben UFO in Belfast to get stuck into.

Space Dimension Controller
Sci-fi mix for The Wire

A sci-fi influence runs through the music of Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller, who primes us for his next album with a mix of music from all corners of the genre. Expect the music of John Carpenter and the original theme from Red Dwarf alongside plenty of other vintage soundtrack cuts, dialogue samples and interview extracts to get you in the mood.

DJ Persuasion
AIR MIX 003: DJ Persuasion 91-92 Hardcore mix

We’ve featured more than a few classic hardcore mixes in this round-up over the past few years, but you can never have too much of a good thing. This time it’s the turn of DJ Persuasion to raid his record collection, supplying Bristol’s Happy Skull label with an hour of classics from the vault. Expect music from Shut Up & Dance, 4Hero and plenty of other unknowns that will have you raiding Discogs for buried treasure.

DJ Haram
Mixpak FM 095

Philadelphia’s DJ Haram is one of the most exciting selectors working in the loose club/noise/collage vein, bringing a real sense of purpose and feeling to an approach that can sometimes feel like style over substance. Known for making connections between East Coast club styles and her Middle Eastern heritage, for her Mixpak session she smashes and blends tracks by her ATM co-resident Marcelline, producer friends Tygapaw and Stud1nt, the obligatory Rihanna and some of her own edits. It ends with an absolutely inspired recycling of Gerald Donald’s paranoid electro project Der Zyklus, too.

Karen Gwyer
Crack Mix 111

We’ve relied on Karen Gwyer to bring the awkward techno this week, and her mix for Crack does just the job, drawing on strange, skewed dance tools from Hessle’s bright new star Bruce to choppy house happiness from G Marcell. Look out for her new split 12” with Beatrice Dillon on Alien Jams, too.

Juno Plus Podcast 137

An hour of sublime boogie, house and techno from Dang Khoa Chau, whose second album Island of Dreams just landed on great label Antinote. It’s basically the perfect getting-ready playlist – starts funky and sultry to go with your Aperol spritz, before kicking into big, breezy house and deep, juicy techno cuts in the second half.



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