Band teases fans ahead of forthcoming album.

Users online have reported receiving leaflets from Radiohead via British post that tease out a mysterious message in three parts: “Sing a song of sixpence that goes”, “Burn the witch”, and “We know where you live.” Leaving no doubt as to the origin of the message is an embossed Radiohead logo in the bottom right corner.

‘Burn The Witch’ is the title of a Radiohead track supposedly recorded in the mid 2000s and discussed around the time of the release of King Of Limbs. During an AMA on Reddit, Thom Yorke was asked “Will we ever hear ‘The Present Tense’ or ‘Burn The Witch?” and responded “def the first one!”.

The mystery deliveries are the latest fuel on the fire of speculations surrounding a new Radiohead album, following news that the band has set up two companies (as they have in the past ahead of releases), a quote from their not-manager Brian Message, and word from Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood that the new album, which would be their ninth, is a work of art. [Via Pitchfork]

See the leaflets below.

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