An exclusive taste of the next DJ-Kicks.

DaM-FunK brings his patented “modern funk” to !K7’s long-running mix series this month, and nestled among boogie, electro, house and soul cuts from artists like Moon B and Gemini, the West Coast producer has dropped an exclusive new track of his own.

Ahead of the album release on May 27, check out Dam’s ‘Believer’, a dreamy, bass-heavy cut that glides over itchy percussion and appears in the final leg of the mix. Check out the tracklist for the album underneath.

Two tracks from the compilation (Index’s ‘Starlight’ and Verticle Lines’ ‘Theme From Beach Boy’) will also be released on 10″, while the mix will be available on CD, digital and double LP.

Last year Dam hit LA’s Highland Park to sell a ton of synths out the back of his car, and he also gave us a tour of his vast record collection.


01. Moon B – ‘Oof’
02. Nicci Gable – ‘Close To Who?’
03. Verticle Lines – ‘Theme From Beach Boy’
04. Randell & Schippers – ‘Love Jam’
05. Brandon – ‘Suzy Hijack’
06. Take Three – ‘Tonite’s The Night (All Right)’
07. Index – ‘Starlight’
08. Uncle Jams Army – ‘Dial-A-Freak’
09. Gemini – ‘Log In’
10. Nexus – ‘Stand Up’ (Instrumental)
11. Reggie B – ‘Poison Candy’
12. L33 – ‘Keepin It Tight’
13. Gaussian Curve – ‘Broken Clouds’
14. Tony Palkovic – ‘True To Yourself’
15. Henning – ‘Arrival / Departure’
16. Nite-Funk – ‘Can U Read Me?’
17. DaM-FunK – ‘Believer’
18. True Design – ‘I Wanna Break’
19. Crystal Winds – ‘Funk Ain’t Easy’



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