Since emerging on Dial Records in 2008, US producer John Roberts has been pushing his romantic club music into different emotional places.

This summer sees the arrival of his third album, Plum. The first to be released via his own Brunette Editions label, it also looks set to feature an unexpected variation on the formula he’s perfected over the past eight years.

Roberts didn’t offer much information about Plum when it was announced in March, but on the basis of ‘Six’, the album will feature a strong Japanese influence, with vivid melodies that have much in common with Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The track has the same intricacy as the music on 2010’s classic Glass Eights and 2013’s Fences, but their autumnal colours and dusty textures are replaced by the kind of vivid notes that you might expect from an ‘80s video game soundtrack.

Plum isn’t released until July 1, but opening track ‘Six’ will be released on a clear vinyl 7″ single on May 13 – pre-order it here.



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