Another sign EDM is on its last legs?

A local government ban on “all rave-style events” in the Southern California city of San Bernardino is being voted on at the end of the month (May 24).

San Bernardino is an hour away from Los Angeles and has recently become a destination for many large-scale dance events. But a spate of drug-related deaths, including complaints from residents about noise and increased traffic, has prompted County Supervisor Jane Rutherford to call for a ban, specifically with the San Manuel Amphitheater venue in mind.

The Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland festivals have been plagued by deaths, with at least four people dying of drug overdoses in recent years.

“Each one of these had a mother and father, someone who cared about them, and had their whole life ahead of them,” San Bernardino resident Karan Slobom told the San Bernardino Sun.  “How many will die from the illegal drugs at these events, not to mention the illegal activity that’s going on there.”

This is the latest knock to EDM, which in March was declared dead according to Las Vegas.



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