A rare original pressing of David Bowie’s self-titled sophomore album — better known now as Space Oddity — has sold on Discogs for $6,826. It is the most expensive piece of music they have ever sold.

Discogs notes that the enormous sale alongside the music icon’s death is not a coincidence, but a trend: “As morbid as it sounds, there is usually a bump in sales in the marketplace for a given artist when they pass,” says Ron Rich, the company’s Marketing Director

Rich also noted that original pressings are one of the most common supply-demand interactions the site encounters: “Collectors look to grab that piece of history, they want to own that a piece of the story… There are a finite number of that album and even fewer that were released under the title, David Bowie – find one in good condition and you can relive that moment when you first listened to it. It’s tough to put a monetary value on that.

The previous record holder belonged to hardcore band Judge’s Chung King Can Suck It. It sold for $6048.

Revisit the album (and Bowie’s) breakthrough song ‘Space Oddity’ below.



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