“This song is called ‘Finally’ cause I finally finished the record, I think”.

M.I.A. discussed her new album, including her desire to leak it, on Periscope today, Pitchfork points out.

“I would love to leak it, I wake up every day and think I’m gonna leak it”, she said, but has decided against it to stay on good terms with her label.

She revealed the album is currently being mixed and previewed a song from it called ‘Finally’. She also said the album is no longer titled Matahdatah and that she doesn’t know the current title.

She alluded to a more pop direction on her new album, even calling it “inoffensive”, but warned “if they get offended by this then I give up, and I’m going to go back to saying what the fuck I want”.

In an unrelated, but interesting side note, she said she’d like to cover ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy which was memorably sampled on Kanye West’s recent album.

Watch the video below.



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