Ghost Town DJs’ massive ‘My Boo’ is more successful now than when it debuted in 1996.

The track is experiencing a similar fate to the second wind Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ caught back in 2013 – because of a viral video and the new streaming rules with the Billboard charts, it’s become a hit well after its release.

Two teens in New Jersey named Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall started a viral sensation called the Running Man Challenge. (And unlike ‘Harlem Shake’, this actually utilizes the real dance it’s named after.)

According to Billboard, athletes were the first to mimic Vincent and Hall’s clips – basketball team the Atlanta Hawks even held a contest at a recent playoff game – but it has since gone on to be so popular that originators were featured on Ellen (as any meme-creator does). It has also gotten ‘My Boo’ higher on the Hot 100 than ever before.

Billboard reports that it will re-enter the Hot 100 at #29, having peaked at #31 in October 1996. It will re-debut on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at #14 when it had only previously reached #18. As of May 5, it has sold 35,000 digital units, landing it at #8 on the R&B Digital Songs chart.

It’s been streamed 12.3 million times in the US, which is 147% more than its usual play – songs of the summer never get old, even when they’re from the ’90s – with 1.5 million reported from Spotify and 80% from YouTube. It should be noted that Tidal streams do not count toward the Billboard chart, so there could ostensibly more.

Interest in ‘My Boo’ was reinvigorated in 2013 when Ciara released ‘Body Party’, which interpolated the track – but nothing compares this.

Watch the video for ‘My Boo’ plus King Louie and a member of Rae Sremmurd dancing to it below.



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