An accessory for the vinyl collector who has everything.

Japanese company Audio-Technica has unveiled the latest must-have item for audiophiles with money to burn: the £4,100 (approx $5,899) AT-ART1000 turntable cartridge.

According to What Hi-Fi, the AT-ART1000 uses a direct power system with a moving coil placed on top of the stylus tip, which the company claims makes it less susceptible to interference.

The cartridge also comes complete with a diamond-tip stylus and a cantilever made of solid boron, which Audio-Technica says allows it to pick up “the most subtle sonic detail.”

“Our reference AT-ART1000 represents the pinnacle of more than 50 years of experience and expertise in the field [of phono cartridges],” said Audio-Technica’s Yousuke Koizumi.

“We found some inspiration in the renowned Victor MC-L1000 cartridge of 1986 and charged our research and design engineers to imagine a Direct Power System of unsurpassed levels of precision and sophistication.

“I’m pleased to say we have achieved everything we set out to do. Our AT-ART1000 is truly the landmark cartridge we wanted to make.”

If you can afford it, the AT-ART1000 will be available from 50 selected retailers around the world in June.

For buyers worried about what happens when it breaks, Audio Technica is offering a paid “Cartridge Rebuild Service,” which replaces the whole assembly in the event of failure.

Audio-Technica’s AT-ART1000 cartridge is in stark contrast to its other new product for vinyl collectors, an affordable $180 turntable with Bluetooth technology. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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