Round two of the emo revival.

Bay Area punk trio and early emo flagbearers Jawbreaker could be getting back together.

“We’ve totally talked about it, and everyone is excited,” the band’s drummer Adam Pfahler said during a recent public appearance at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, discussing the ongoing production of the Jawbreaker documentary.

“It’s gotta be cool. It’s gotta be just right. All the money in the world isn’t gonna make that happen. Everyone’s just gotta be right there with it.”

Pfhaler said they also had a practice session together in New York a few years back: “We played a couple of songs just to see if we could still do it. We weren’t sure if we could still do it. We could still do it.” Watch the interview below [via Substream Magazine].

The band, who originally formed in New York City in 1986, released four albums over a 10 year period, Unfun (1990), Bivouac (1992), 24-Hour Revenge Therapy (1994) and Dear You (1995) but broke up in 1996 and have not performed together since.

Jawbreaker became briefly re-acquainted in 2007 for the recording of a documentary film, which has yet to see the light of day, and were “really close” to reuniting in 2014 or 2015: “There was a bigger band they were waiting on an answer to headline one of those festivals, and sure enough they did it, they took their slot, and it kind of relegated us to the following year, and then the timing wasn’t right the following year.”

Remind yourself of 1994 track ‘Boxcar’ with this Super 8-shot video made in 2013 using footage from 1992.



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