An “invitation” to her “own personal heaven.”

Japanese Breakfast, aka New York-based artist Michelle Zauner, has shared a neon-lit video for ‘In Heaven’, a song from our favourite Bandcamp release of last month, Psychopomp.

Directed by House of Nod, it frames Zauner’s swirling dream-pop gem with a giddy New York scene. Romping around the city with friends, the singer hits an Asian grocery store and a Korean karaoke room on a track she has described as an “invitation” to her “own personal heaven.” 

Lyrically, ‘In Heaven’ explores the absence of Zauner’s late mother: “The dog’s confused / She just paces around all day / She’s sniffing at your empty room,” she sings, as piano keys collide gently with trebly guitar.

“I’m trying to believe / When I sleep it’s really you / Visiting my dreams / Like they say that angels do.”

An erstwhile member of Philly emo band Little Big League, Zauner’s Japanese Breakfast side project was inspired by her mother’s sickness and death from cancer, which led to the release of the beautiful, yet grief-stricken, debut album Psychopomp.



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