This is the third video clip the band have shared.

Following the stop-motion animation video for ‘Burn The Witch’ by Virpi Kettu and a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed clip for ‘Daydreaming’, Radiohead have teased another visual on Instagram.

The new clip comes from young British director Oscar Hudson who has crafted a cryptic scene for A Moon Shaped Pool track ‘The Numbers’.

The Numbers – Directed by: Oscar Hudson

A video posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on

The band had previously announced a visual series for the album, in which they have asked “some people to make short vignettes interpreting sections of our new record.”

Meanwhile, the son-in-law of Trumpton creator Gordon Murray has accused Radiohead of potential copyright breach for their ‘Burn The Witch’ video, which references the classic children’s TV series.

A Moon Shaped Pool is the band’s ninth studio album.

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