Clams Casino delivers something very #rare from his new album.

Last week, Clams Casino announced a new album 32 Levels with first single ‘Blast’. Now we know a little bit more of what to expect from the album with ‘Witness’, a new collaboration with Lil B.

Not only does Lil B rap on the track, he also directs and stars in the video with Clams, who told Pitchfork he was instructed to play a “James Bond type character, mysterious kind of guy.”

Recording the track was the first time Clams and Lil B had met “properly” in person, after years of collaborating over the internet: “We had done a few shows together, see each other in the hallway, shake hands real fast, say what’s up, but that was it. Not a real meeting.

“So this time, about July, I think it was last year, he came down to L.A., we locked in the studio for about three days writing. And that first time we sat down was just like, sat down in the same room, like, wow, this is a really weird feeling, because we had worked for, what, since 2008.”

32 Levels is out July 15 via Columbia and features appearances from Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky and more. It will also be released accompanied by its instrumentals.



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