We still don’t know who Relaxer is, but it hardly matters.

The mysterious anonymous producer is an overplayed trope in electronic music, but Relaxer delivered where it counted. The producer’s debut EP released earlier this year arranged a diverse collection of tracks into a surreal techno journey and this next installment only tops it.

Though it’s only three tracks, EP2 covers more ground than before and captures what makes Relaxer exciting in a kind of musical triptych. The entire A-side is dedicated to the 10-minute epic ‘Hissing Flora’ which takes crumbling techno and smears it with ghostly disorienting vocals.

The B-side explores both extremes to that sound with ‘Weekend’ an eerie beatless soundscape and the closing ‘Climate Of Fear’ which builds off a persistent pulse and arpeggios that flash like a lens flare. It’s a concise package to show off an exciting producer regardless of who they even are.

EP2 is out next month through Relaxer’s eponymous label. Listen to it in full below and grab it via Juno.



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