The electro-pop jokers will take to the stage in Berlin this year.

Swiss duo Yello, who created some of the most raucously inventive and goofy electronic music of the ‘80s, will return with their 13th studio album on September 30, titled Toy.

“Taking in liquid techno, continental torch songs and myriad gleaming points in between, Toy is unmistakably the sound of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank gleefully working at the top of their game,” the press release states.

But more excitingly for fans of the ‘Oh Yeah’ innovators, Dieter Meier and Boris Blank have also announced the first live shows in their 38-year career at Berlin’s Kraftwerk on October 26 and 28. The dup will be joined on stage by guest singers Malia and Fifi Rong as well as many of the live musicians who helped to record Toy.

“With the decision to play live for the first time ever at the Kraftwerk Berlin, a new era for Yello begins said Meier. “Get out of cyberspace – and into the live experience, with operatic staging in the aesthetics of the Yello videos.”

Blank added: “At the center of our show are more than 20 Yello songs that I have ‘reloaded’ for live performance. Of course, we will play the Yello hits, but also tracks from the new album Toy – to the future through the past.”

Tickets for both shows are on sale now. Watch a trailer for the live experience below.

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YELLO Trailer TOY / LIVE from Yello on Vimeo.



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