Get rejected by the club’s notoriously difficult-to-impress bouncers from the comfort of your own home.

A new website simulates the experience of trying to get into infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain using face and voice recognition technology.

Berghaintrainer takes a video of your face via your webcam and prompts you to talk into your computer’s microphone while it analyses your body language. It then takes you through a realistic simulation, which brings you outside the club and face-to-face with the doorman, who asks: “Have you been here before?”, “Are you drunk?” and “Do you know who’s spinning tonight?”.

If you’ve ever attempted to woo Berghain’s bouncers into letting you step through its hallowed doors only to be ushered away, head to the site now via Google Chrome to practice for your next attempt.

The site is the latest bit of savvy Berghain-related tech to have emerged in recent years, following last year’s app designed to tell you whether or not there’s currently a queue at the club, and a Flappy Bird-based video game that challenges you to navigate your way past infamous Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt in a flurry of click-hops.



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