Ceci Gomez and Kessiah Gordon make dark, smoldering electronic pop songs that feel like the product of late-night internet binges.

Their great debut album as Crater last year, Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep, was fueled by a desktop folder titled “Black Hole” where they dumped strange GIFs, torrents and samples for inspiration. Now they have a new single which draws from the same cyber-arcana.

‘No Paradise’ is described as an ode to the 1988 anime film Akira (and not the only one we’ve gotten this year) and spends nearly half its length floating along on spindly synth lines and a loop of what sounds like an eerily rendered laugh. From there, swells of percussion and more distorted samples flood turning the song into energetic synth-pop with a darker undercurrent. It’s an extra dose for fans of their debut (out through Help Yourself Records) and equally good inspiration for those who missed it to go back.

You can listen to ‘No Paradise’ below and grab it with the B-side ‘Ladder Song’ on June 6.



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