From his new album Good Luck And Do Your Best.

If Derwin Panda, as he likes to be known, ever writes an autobiography, he could call it Around The World In 80 Raves. That’s been his creative process for the two albums since 2010 breakout LP Lucky Shiner made him an international concern, travelling from continent to continent to perform. First there was 2013’s Half Of Where You Live, inspired by and taking in sounds from jaunts to Hong Kong and Brazil. Then last week came the similarly smart Good Luck And Do Your Best – a record he originally intended as a field recording-and-photography “sight and sound documentary” of two trips to Japan that soon evolved a fully fledged album. Most people return from their holidays with tacky airport souvenirs. Gold Panda comes back with intense, warm dance curios.

‘Chiba Nights’, one of the standout tracks on the new record, now has a video that fits the song’s concept adroitly. Director Dan Tombs explains: “Spending a week in Tokyo and surrounding areas of Chiba and Minowa with Derwin, searching for unusual records, video games, payphones, workwear and LaserDiscs, I captured the rich visual environment of the country and fun moments spending time with friends and family.”

His images are then sliced into a grid of sixteen squares – in reference to the MPC sampler that Gold Panda creates all his music with, “changing with the rhythm of the track colliding the sights, colours and shapes together and breaking out in psychedelic kaleidoscopes” as Tombs puts it. Check out the video above and get Go Luck And Do Your Best now via City Slang.



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