Update: Freddie Gibbs’s lawyer Scott Leemon gave a statement to AllHipHop following his arrest in Toulouse on Thursday.

The lawyer denied the allegations against Gibbs, saying “it makes you wonder why it took almost a year for Austrian officials to bring these charges. Freddie will be fighting the extradition request as these are nothing more than trumped up charges.”

The rapper is currently on a world tour and plans to fight his extradition to Austria. His show at London’s Village Underground on Sunday night has been cancelled.

The rapper was arrested before a show in Toulouse on Thursday night.

According to La Depeche, the rapper Freddie Gibbs was arrested by French police on Thursday night moments before taking to the stage at the Rex, a venue in Toulouse.

The arrest is said to have stemmed from a European warrant issued by Austria relating to an alleged rape committed in 2015. French police arrested Gibbs as he arrived from Paris before his scheduled performance in Toulouse.

On May 26, Gibbs tweeted that he couldn’t make a planned appearance in Vienna, Austria, due to transportation issues.

The 33 year old rapper from Gary, Indiana, was taken to the commissariat central in Toulouse. A hearing took place yesterday afternoon in front of the prosecutor general following which Gibbs was taken to prison to wait for his extradition to Austria where detectives want to question him. The local investigation chamber of the court will announce Gibbs’s status in coming days. There are currently no details as to what Gibbs is accused of beyond the facts of the warrant issued by Austria.

In a 2012 conversation with Noisey, Gibbs stated he has been arrested before but never for rape, claiming he “wasn’t like that.”

“Oh man, where you wanna start? Yeah, I’ve gotten arrested for gun possession, drug possession, shit like that. Never no rape, no assault or battery, I ain’t like that, I ain’t never assaulted no woman, no petty shit, none of that. Just basically protecting myself.”



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