The total covers touring, endorsements and label advances.

Future is being sued by fellow Atlanta rapper Rocko over an alleged contract breach, reports TMZ.

Rocko, who owns Future’s former label A1 Recordings, claims that the ‘Jumpman’ artist had signed a six-album deal in 2011, but that he violated the contract by signing a separate deal with Epic Records for a multi-million dollar advance.

All four of Future’s solo albums have been released under the A1, Freebandz and Epic Records umbrellas. But in 2011, Future signed a distribution deal with Epic Records.

The A1 recordings owner says he is owed 25 percent of the Future’s advances from Epic, and is asking for another 20 percent of Future’s earnings from touring and endorsements, totalling more than $10 million.

Future appeared to address the alleged contract breach in a series of tweets early this morning (June 9).

This is not the first time that the Drake collaborator has been locked in a legal dispute. Back in January, Ciara reportedly filed a $15 million defamation lawsuit against her ex-fiancé, with the rapper then filing a countersuit, claiming that he can’t slander or defame the singer because she has no career to criticize.



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