The Japanese company has created an ideal gadget for making music on iPad.

Korg has announced an accessory for iPhone and iPad users called plugKEY, which allows users to make music with their device while charging at the same time.

The small widget plugs into any iOS device with a Lightning connector, and features an audio output for plugging in speakers or headphones and a MIDI input for plugging in a keyboard or controller.

As well as a volume control, the plugKEY includes a micro USB connector that facilitates charging of your iPad or iPhone while you’re making music. Korg is also giving away free light editions of its Gadget and Module apps to buyers of the device.

There are already accessories available that do a similar job to Korg’s new device, but not all have the same range of connection options. Apple’s recent Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor allows the use of a MIDI keyboard while you charge, but only over USB, and it doesn’t have an audio output.

Similarly, the iRig MIDI 2 offers MIDI in and out with a standard connector, but won’t allow you to charge your device while it’s plugged in. A release date and price for the gadget have yet to be announced.

Earlier this year Korg introduced two tiny MIDI controllers with Bluetooth capability aimed at mobile music makers: nanoKEY Studio and nanoKONTROL Studio.

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