Don’t let em kill your flowers. Water your garden and stunt.

Tyler, The Creator followed in the footsteps of Kanye West last night when he presented his first fashion show in Los Angeles as part of an event organized by MADE, which explores the intersection between style and music.

The fashion show was a grandiose affair with nature a main theme. Giant sunflowers adorned the runway – which included a skate ramp – and the ceiling featured projections of blue skies and clouds. The set also featured furniture designed by Tyler. A new song was premiered and Kanye West and Kendall Jenner were in attendance, with West making a cameo in the show.

The rapper-producer, and now fashion designer, opened the show. Talking throughout, Tyler discussed his UK ban and taking the show on the road to Europe. “I got some sick ideas, and I’m happy I have people around me who trust them,” he said at one point.

Tyler also used the show to announce his own shoe line, Golf Le Fleur, and then went all Oprah by telling the audience they were all getting a free pair – which they could select from three designs on their way out. The audience also took stage props as souvenirs. As for the clothes, they were varied and as bright and colourful as you can expect from the Golf Wang mastermind. You can view and pre-order the collection online. [Via The FADER]

The one-hour show was streamed live and can be replayed on YouTube.

You can also watch the performance of Tyler’s new song, ‘Ego’, below including an opening verse detailing his views on his banning from the UK.

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