The frequent collaborators are taking their signature sound to a thriller.

Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne have been tapped to score Tomboy, a Revenger’s Tale which is out next year. The film was directed by Walter Hill who was responsible for The Warriors and 48 Hours, as well as episodes of Tales From the Crypt and Deadwood. He also produced the Alien films.

Tomboy is a revenge thriller starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver (making it her fifth time working with Hill). The plot will no doubt cause some controversy and is a total head-scratcher. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“The script, written by Hill from a story by Denis Hamill, centers on an ace assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as “The Doctor,” who turns him into a woman. The hitman (now a hitwoman) sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie, who also has secrets.”



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