Ableton Link support and the ability to change tempo in real time are among the new features.

Novation has released the biggest update yet to its popular Launchpad app for iOS.

The app was launched a few years ago with a focus on making quick tracks with Novation sample packs and imported sounds, but version 2.0 expands its potential for jamming, DJing and production further.

Novation’s free update adds a new real-time stretch engine that allows users change tempo without changing key. Novation has also added support for Ableton Link, the recent technology that lets musicians connect different apps wirelessly to Ableton Live.

The update is the latest in a series of improvements that have been made to the app over the years. Recently, Novation added MIDI sync output so the app can talk to physical gear alongside sample packs from Ninja Tune.

Earlier this year Novation spun its app operation into a separate team called Blocs, whose first release was a simple music creation app called Wave. The app had its own update recently with a feature called Sections, which expands on the number of pads available to users.

Novation’s Launchpad is available in the App Store as a free download. Blocs Wave is available at a price of £4.99/$6.99.

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