Oasis singer makes remarks labelled “ugly and upsetting” in wake of Orlando attacks. 

Liam Gallagher has been heavily criticised for a homophobic tweet aimed at Russian football hooligans last night (June 15).

The former Oasis frontman labelled Russian supporters “batty boys” following a week of clashes with England supporters at Euro 2016, currently taking place in France. Gallagher goes on to write that he’d be “more worried bout getting me arse pinched” in an encounter with the hooligans, who earned their team a suspended disqualification from the tournament after rushing towards England fans in violent scenes at the end of Saturday’s Group B game.

His comments have provoked a strong reaction on Twitter, with many people arguing that they are particularly disrespectful in the light of the recent homophobic attack in Orlando, which left 49 people dead. Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton is among those to have hit out at the musician.

Gallagher has refused to delete the tweet or make a statement on the criticism.

Update: Gallagher has now apologised for the tweet



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