Inspired by the ’70s book series and film.

Common is attached to star in the upcoming television series Black Samurai, Variety reports.

The project is currently being shopped to networks but with the Oscar-winning rapper attached and Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA acting as executive producer it’s chances of finding a home are extremely high.

Based on Marc Olden’s book series which was adapted into a 1977 blaxploitation film, Black Samurai follows the adventures of Robert Sand, a man rescued and trained by a Japanese samurai master. After facing racism in the military and seeing the deaths of his teacher and fellow samurai by terrorist, Sand becomes a one-man-army out for revenge.

“There is a long tradition and storied relationship between hip-hop and martial arts. Having RZA and the WuTang brand on board to executive produce will validate the series even more and mobilize the fans,” said producer Andre Gaines who referred to the character as “black Jason Bourne”.

This isn’t the only project the rap icons are working on together. RZA is reportedly directing Common (and Azealia Banks) in an upcoming film titled It Doesn’t Have To Rhyme.

The project is still early in development, but keep an eye out for more as it continues. Watch the trailer for the original Black Samurai below.



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