The week’s best mixes: Deep tissue riddim massage and Pride goes to prom

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week we’ve shifted down a gear to find a mood more appropriate for the avalanche of awfulness that is 2016, from soothing new age dancehall to ambient house to poignant pop selections from around the world.

Dubbel Dutch
Rare Earth Tones

When the guy who produced ‘Everything Nice’ puts together a mixtape subtitled “deep tissue riddim massage” then you know what to do immediately. Dubbel Dutch’s all-too-brief mix takes us on a high-grade flight between drifting new age ambience and lean-back dancehall and 808 rhythms. Hands down the nicest mix of the week.

Mask Mix

The perfect follow-on from Dubbel Dutch’s drifting dancehall mix is this way-down-slow trip through hip-hop, club and ballroom directed by NYC selectors KALA and MARVELiTO. Who knew that heaters  by Sliink, Jayhood, MikeQ and Clams Casino would sound so damn heavy at 110bpm?

Pride Prom Mix

On this unbearably tragic week for LGBTQ folk and their allies, Edmonton-based producer Ghibli of Toronto collective Bedroomer has made a mix to be played at a Pride Prom in Owen Sound, Ontario. Blending wyrd-pop, club and ballroom from Enur, Fifth Harmony, Pia Mia and more, it’s accompanied by the Manicure Records founder’s moving words on the motive behind the mix.

LIMIT (Egyptrixx & L-Vis 1990)
Thump Mix

Night Slugs boss L-Vis 1990 recently formed LIMIT with Toronto’s Egyptrixx to explore jittery club mechanics on a self-titled EP, and accordingly their sesh for Thump is packed with noise, sparks and electric shocks. It’s not a strict club mix by any means though, with tracks from Oakland club producer 8ulentina, trance pointillist Lorenzo Senni, Dominick Fernow’s Exploring Jezebel project and Fourth World fusionist Jon Hassell.

Libra Mix: Home Music Vol. 1

Khotin is one of our favourite discoveries from the 1080p stable, while the Libra Mix series – a resolutely old school endeavour, with mixes available to download directly from their website – has welcomed many notable figures from that Vancouver-orbiting world, including Ramzi and Beautiful Swimmers. This “Home Music” session is just beautiful, mixing sparse spiritual jazz with submerged breaks, ambient house and chill vaporwave.

NTS Radio, June 14

Gaika has been bubbling up steadily this year, with his Security mixtape marking out the London artist as a self-assured and pretty singular talent. His monthly NTS slot is a great shout if you’re into a similar cross-section of dub, grime, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B and punk, with this week’s sesh including bits from Jeremih, Bounty Killer and Algiers.



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