Pioneering artist says it is only by staying in the EU that it can be made to accomplish its original mission.

Brian Eno posted a statement on his Facebook page Saturday to ask British citizens to vote “remain” in next week’s EU referendum.

Admitting to having been complacent about the issue, Eno explained he felt the need to share his views and urge voters to action in light of new polls showing the “remain” and “leave” camps even.

“What the ‘Leaves’ have on their side is their unquenchable enthusiasm for a ‘Great’ Britain that they think we can revive – and several powerful media outlets to propagandise the idea,” Eno said. “The Leavers know they can count on their demographic – primarily older people – to get out and vote, whereas the ‘Remain’ demographic is less reliable (and more complacent). And the Leavers have LOTS of money: seems like a lot of very wealthy people are anxious to get out of the EU.”

Read the full statement below.

The pioneering producer is the latest public figure in the arts to call for people to vote “remain”.

Earlier this week, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite called the UK culture secretary “a fucking moron” for his claims that an exit from the EU would not have negative impacts on the arts sector. A day before, Bob Geldof had a boat-off with Nigel Farage on the Thames.



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