Sigur Rós unveil their mysterious project.

Earlier today, Sigur Rós teased Route One with a livestream… and it turns out that Route One is, itself, a livestream.

The live video, which you can watch below or on Iceland’s Ruv 2, displays rolling footage of Icelandic countryside and landmarks. It is soundtracked by elements of their new song ‘Óveður’ which has been altered by composition app Bronze, which allows users to manipulate tracks on playback, “producing a unique experience on each listening.”

“In a day and age of instant gratification and everything moving so fast, we wanted to do the exact opposite,” said Jónsi Birgisson via press release. “Slow TV is counter-active to the world we live in, in that it happens in real time and real slow.”

And what the post-rock luminaries are making with it right now is just beautiful. Watch below.

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