Too bad Purple Haze is already taken.

As weed gets more legal and less taboo, an increasing number of artists are beginning to invest in the growing business. Cam’ron is the latest to join Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and whoever is legally allowed to put Bob Marley’s name on things with an official weed strain due this fall.

Cam appropriately broke the news to High Times, explaining that he was recently doing research and development at a farm outside San Francisco where he will soon plant seeds for a crop that will be ready to coincide with the fall release of his next album Killah Season 2: The Pink Edition.

The strain will be developed in partnership with the brand Chroncierge who previously worked with Freddie Gibbs on his own custom strain Freddie Kane OG.

Cam’ron sounds genuinely inspired by the operation in the profile, excitedly discussing hues they could develop (pink or purple) or potential flavors. A “grape soda” flavored strain is mentioned and, we sincerely hope, will be followed through on.

“I’m fuckin’ blown away, I’m not even gonna lie. I mean, I’ve seen gardens, but this is legit. And the way they break down every strain — it gave me a whole newfound respect for botany. I respect it,” he said.

Keep an eye out for more later this year and revisit our FACT Focus mix on Killah Cam below.



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