The up-and-coming producer gives us “a flash of her emotional state over the last few months”.

Belgian producer SKY H1 caught our ear earlier this month with ‘All I Ever’, a highlight from London collective Bala Club’s recent compilation. Now she’ll give us a deeper look into her fierce, stirring soundscapes with the new EP Motion.

In her own words, Motion “signi-fies leaving behind a period in my life and stepping into something new”. From sequencing she describes as “transparent” in its intense emotionality to the individual songs, it’s a release that makes you feel as much as it makes you move.

Today you can hear that dynamic in action with ‘Air’ a track that blends weighty rhythmic pulses with dreamily chopped atmospheres. It’s where Motion begins, but certainly not the only place it goes.

Listen to ‘Air’ below and look for Motion July 15 via CODES.



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