FACT Classic Mix: Autechre

Revisiting an incredible set from unmatched experimental pioneers Autechre.

FACT has been running the popular mix series since April 2008, so it felt like a good time to dig through the archives and pull out some of our very favorites.

Back in 2010, Rochdale lads Sean Booth and Rob Brown – better known as Warp Records mainstays Autechre – slotted together a sequence of tracks in the run up to that year’s excellent Oversteps full-length. A potent blend of rap (Detroit’s Dilla-approved Phat Kat, Wu Tang’s Raekwon and rapper/producer Black Milk make an appearance), slithering electro, manic breakcore and… err… extreme metal, it shows the duo’s wide range of influences without sounding forced or overly eclectic. At the time, Booth and Brown didn’t have a lot to say about the selection other than, “it’s just some tunes [we] like”. Fair enough then.

Some of you might already know that Autechre started out making electro and rave before pushing their sound into the fringes of experimental electronic music, so the mix serves as a timely reminder of the breadth of their interests. It also slots in nicely alongside Autechre’s recently-released mammoth five-part album elseq 1-5, which after a few weeks on heavy rotation still has our jaws nailed firmly to the ground.

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