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Good news – FACT launches today (June 24) on Apple Music, bringing exclusive playlists, videos, photos and more to the streaming service. You can follow us here. Alongside playlists to accompany features on FACT, including our recent Radiohead retrospective and guide to the mid ’00s phenomenon that was blog house, you’ll find content you won’t see anywhere else.

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Current Obsession sees artists pick their favourite track right now and try to explain what it makes it so addictive. Head to our Connect page on the platform to watch R&B supernova D∆WN discuss the funky beauty of Lionel Loueke’s ‘Ife’ now.

60 Second Selections meanwhile sees acts answer one minute of either-or questions. So if you’ve ever wondered which your favourite rapper rates – Mega Drive or SNES, Biggie or Pac, mac ‘n’ cheese or cheesy chips – you’re in luck. Look out for this in the coming weeks.

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