Yes, 10 hours.

It’s one of the first things we do when we buy a new piece of music software: methodically browse through the presets to find if there’s anything that doesn’t sound like a cheesy trance lead.

Some pieces of software have so many presets it would take hours to cycle through everything, and one of them is the recently launched Reason 9. Thankfully for those that don’t have the time to sit clicking a mouse all day, developer Propellerhead has prepared a video in which one of the team plays all the presets so you don’t have to.

As Create Digital Music notes, Propellerhead’s video isn’t your average 10-minute YouTube preset test. It’s a whopping 10-hour demonstration that takes place on a road trip through the desert, aided by a slim MIDI keyboard.

Reason 9 was released last week, and comes with a stack of new musical tools for producers to play with.

As well as new “Player” instruments Note Echo, Scales & Chords and Dual Arpeggio, Propellerhead has added a feature called Pitch Edit, which can be used to produce vocals, fix out-of-tune notes and add vibrato. Probably best not done from inside a car though.

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