The experimental trio return with a deliriously damaged new single.

Black Dice have been quiet this decade following 2012’s Mr. Impossible while co-founder Eric Copeland has focused on his own solo music, but that all changed today. The group unveiled Big Deal, a two-track EP that will be out next month through L.I.E.S., before sharing its title track.

‘Big Deal’ rallies rotten pieces of different genres (funk, surf rock, hip-hop) into a full-on zombie charge, while the band crowdsurf over it with incoherent, bad-trip shouts and helium-stretched chants. And somehow through this mob, they find their way to a sugary guitar melody they ride out in the remaining moments. It’s a complete fucking mess and a huge amount of fun — in other words, it’s Black Dice and we’re happy to have them back.

Listen to ‘Big Deal’ below and check out Copeland’s upcoming album Black Bubblegum which is also out next month.



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