At least it’s not trap?

China’s Communist Party Youth League has released a video for backpack rap propaganda track ‘This is China’ by Chengdu rap group CD Rev. The aim of the track is for “Westerners to understand China” group member Wang Zixin told news site Sixth Tone.

The song is essentially a hip-hop-tinged treatise about how China knows it has problems but that it is a peace-loving nation that loves its culture and its people and that a “developing country is really hard to manage.” The song is deeply rooted the music is in ’90s rap, but if you’ve read Fresh Off the Boat creator Eddie Huang’s new book Double Cup Love, you know Chengdu has access to current streetwear but is almost completely unable to download, say, a Migos tape.

According to IBT, the video has been shared over 45,000 times.

China had another piece of music news this week when they banned Lady Gaga from the country after meeting with the Dalai Llama.



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