The DDJ-RZX is the company’s biggest DJ controller yet.

Pioneer DJ has launched a gigantic all-in-one DJ controller system that also allows the user to mix video with an add-on for the company’s Rekordbox software.

The DDJ-RZX looks like two CDJs and a high-end mixer bolted together with two notable differences: performance pads for sample triggering and three built-in touchscreens for browsing tracks, adding effects and cueing up video.

It also comes with a few more unusual features: the “active censor” function will cut explicit words as long as markers have been added with Rekordbox in advance, while an oscillator sampler lets the user add noise, sine, siren or horn sounds and modulate the output.

The DDJ-RZX is being touted as the primary controller for Rekordbox Video, an add-on to the company’s DJ software. It manages video and image files as it does music, but allows VJs to do everything through Rekordbox rather than separate software.

Rekordbox Video also allows a digital camera to be connected to the computer, which can then stream the video in real time. An unusual Snapchat-inspired function also allows the DJ to overly text messages to the video stream on the fly.

Neither the controller or Rekordbox Video are cheap. The DDJ-RZX will cost €2,999, while the video add-on will require a Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack licence key (€139) and a Rekordbox Video Plus Pack licence key (€159). Both will be available this month (July 2016).

The DDJ-RZX is the latest in a slew of new DJ gear to be revealed by Pioneer DJ this year, including a hardware sampler designed with Dave Smith and a DJ setup aimed at festival and stadium performers.



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