A day in Detroit.

Detroit MC Payroll Giovanni has released a short movie based on ‘Day In The Life’, a song from his recent Big Bossin’ Vol. 1 mixtape. Expanding on the theme of the track, the 20 minute short film depicts an average summer weekend in his hometown of Detroit.

The film’s narrative weaves in and out of the song itself, with scenes interspersed by the verses as Payroll meets various characters and has a run in with police.

Speaking to XXL, the MC said “in Detroit, if you in the streets, you paranoid, you might see something as a threat when it’s really not that deep sometimes. That’s mainly what the song is talking about, and in this video we’re showing everything I’m talking about. I just wanted to do some ‘streets is watching’ Detroit type of shit.”

Big Bossin’ Vol.1, produced by Texan Cardo, was one of our 25 best albums of the second quarter of 2016. FACT editor Al Horner called it an “excellent tribute to West Coast rap with its heard in the right place even if its geography isn’t.”

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